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Marion Area Chamber China Tour 2014

First Chamber Trip a BIG Success !

  In October 2014, the Marion Area Chamber of Commerce waved to 29 members as they left Marion, OH for their destination to the People’s Republic of China.  The Chamber partnered with Citslinc International Inc. to provide the 9 day, all-inclusive tour of Beijing, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Shanghai for $2,499 per person.

  The idea behind the trip was to allow those who joined a glimpse into everyday life in the People’s Republic of China. Throughout the nine day trip, this group learned first-hand about the Chinese culture, history and industry by visiting Beijing, Shanghai, Hanghou and Suzhou.

  The group was able to learn what set China apart from the rest of the world in an incredible setting.  The trip included a guided tour which took away the bother and stress of driving through unfamiliar traffic, studying a map or even searching for a place to dine. The itinerary was in place prior to arriving, which allowed for a scenic, relaxing, social and educational overall trip. 



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