Membership fee for employers with 500 or fewer employees

Base fee of $230, plus $4 per employee

Note: If total employee population is comprised of 65% or more part-time employees, a per employee rate of $1 may be used.

Membership fee for employers with 500 or more employees

Fee to be negotiated annually

Educational institutions; Churches; Service clubs; All volunteer organizations

Flat fee of $230

Government offices (i.e. Job & Family Services, Social Security Administration) or elected official offices (i.e. Mayor, County Commissioners, County Engineer)

Flat fee of $230

Individual fee

Flat fee of $90

Note: Includes individuals, retirees, teachers, etc. "Independent contractors" such as real estate agents can join as an individual. All membership listings would include the individual name, not a business affiliation.

*Any financial commitment above the required membership investment schedule strengthens your Chamber's involvement in a vital and progressive community.