2015 marks a VERY important year for the Marion Area Chamber as we will be celebrating 100 years of serving the Marion Area business community.  Recently I looked through a book of neatly penned minutes from Chamber Board meetings held in 1915, and could only imagine a time when the pace of business was so incredibly different than todays.  In fact, who would have guessed that 100 years in the future, our schools would no longer even be teaching the fine art of penmanship and that minute books with bound leather covers would be replaced by a small desk top icon that reads only “Bd Min”.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the purpose/mission of our Chamber, or any Chamber for that matter.  I’m positive that countless hours have been spent in Chamber Board meetings attempting to craft just the right mission statement for a particular Chamber.  Yet, a simple dictionary definition says it all.

“Chamber of Commerce (noun):  a local association to promote and protect the interests of the business community in a particular place.”

Promoting and protecting business……..we were in 1915 and we are yet today in 2015.  There is no question, 570 businesses banding together have a much greater impact than any single business can have independently.  Know that we appreciate your membership and will work tirelessly to meet your needs for growth, development, business success and sustainability.
-Pam Hall, President